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Great Golf Apps: Number 7

Next up in my look at the best golf apps out there, is iGolf Rules.

Golf Digest says that it’s “the best effort yet to decipher the Rules of Golf.”

The golf industry awarded it “Best New Product” at its two largest golf trade shows.

And more than half a million people  are using it in more than 50 countries.

It’s a little on the pricey side, but well worth a look to solve those on-course arguments!

Search ‘iGolf Rules’ at the Apple Appstore for more details.

iGolf Rules

Great Golf Apps: Number 6

Here’s an app that every golfer should have – it’s called Golf Shot and it has a huge amount of features, the most notable being that is measures how far you have to the green using GPS on your iPhone or Android device.

It currently includes data on over 35,000 different courses and is remarkably easy to use, there’s nothing more to do than download the app and you are away.

It also allows you to fill in scorecards for each course, gives you course statistics as well as aerial views and ‘Touchpoint Positioning’ – where you can touch your target on the screen and it will give you the distance from where you’re standing!

It retails at around £21 but is money well spent if you’re a precision golfer – and even if you’re not it also tells you how far away the bunkers and lakes are!



Great Golf Apps: Number 5

Welcome to the fifth part of my look at the best golf apps around right now.

Golf Channel Mobile has fans covered with all the information they need from the PGA Tour to the LPGA tour, from the Champions Tour to the European Tour to the Nationwide Tour.

The app provides access to Golf Channel programming, scores, and all the latest news its editorial teams. Users also can create customized leaderboards to automatically display only those players they are most interested in following.

The media portal will offer mobile videos from Golf Channel programming, player and event photo galleries and the latest tournament television schedules. As well, a wide array of instructional tips and a library of instructional videos are available.

Visit for more information. The application is available in the Apple App Store and Android Market.


Great Golf Apps: Number 4

Welcome to part four of my look at the greatest Golf Apps currently available.

Now you can have a Stimpmeter — that angled track that releases a golf ball at a known velocity so that the distance it rolls on a green’s surface can be measured — at the touch of your fingers.

Using an accelerometer and complex algorithms to work out the stimp reading, iStimp can compare the speed of the greens on a new course with your home course to improve your putting, or use it to compare different greens on the course to check the consistency.

You also can store stimp readings to review at a later time. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


Great Golf Apps: Number 3

Welcome to the third part of my feature on the best apps out there for golfers.

Today I’m looking at SwingPlane, which captures video using the built in video camera on your device. You can easily analyze your swing with its playback and drawing tools, allowing you to see if your swing is on plane, check your set up angles and monitor head movement, shoulders dipping, etc.

SwingPlaneSample videos of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and others are included. Additional purchases of videos featuring Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood and others are available.

Frame by frame advance and rewind is available, as well as slow-motion playback and repeat playback. You can export videos to Facebook, Twitter or email.

Available for the iPhone at the App Store.

Great Golf Apps: Number 2

Here is the second in a series of posts about great golf apps for your iPhone, iPad or Android device that will benefit your golf game and knowledge.

The official PGA App.

Get weekly, inside access to the PGA Tour’s players and events with this app — including complete coverage of every player in every round on every hole on the PGA, Champions and Nationwide tours.

Live scoring, highlights and live video coverage is available from select PGA Tour events. Users can customize their own leaderboard, get live play-by-play updates on every player throughout every round, and see shot and yardage details. Exclusive video includes the Shot of the Day, PGA Tour Today and in-round and end of day highlights.

For more information on this app, visit


Great Golf Apps: Number 1

Here is the first in a series of posts about great Apps for your iPhone, iPad or Android device that will benefit your golf game and knowledge.

The first is Golf Plan Pro.

Golfer Paul Azinger has developed a practice plan that can be tailored specifically to your game, with more than 80 drill-based instructional videos.

Using data from thousands of users allows the app to identify tendencies in various handicap ranges. The app will then create a practice plan based on your weaknesses — a three-day plan, a six-day plan, a 12-day plan — with drills for your handicap level.

Twenty-six PGA Tour veterans join Azinger in the uncomplicated video lessons for any handicap level, which can be performed on the driving range, golf course and at home.

Golf Plan also includes 30-40 drills that can be used in your home or office, with or without a golf club.

Of course it’s not the same as having a private lesson, but it will certainly help you practise those drills and hone your game, so well worth the 70p investment!

Search for Golf Plan Pro on iTunes or Android Market, or visit to download.