See Your Swing On Video During Your Golf Lesson

One of the disadvantages of hitting balls on the range is that although you are getting a feel for how to hit the ball during your lesson, it’s difficult to physically see what you’re doing as you’re actually doing it.

This is where my video tuition can come in really useful.

I can film your swing and show it back to you there and then. What’s more – I can show you ‘before and after’ clips on a split-screen so that you can see, and more importantly understand the difference for yourself. I can even compare your swing to Tiger Woods if you like!

Tiger Woods Video Analysis

Video Coaching

Finally I can place the images and videos on your own webpage for you to look at in your own time, along with a selection of notes written by myself personally alongside for you to refer to.

If this is something that interests you then please see my price list and teaching hours and contact me to book a golf lesson.