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Which Golf Ball Should You Use?

Choosing the right golf ball for your game is as important as choosing the right clubs.

There are quite a few different types of golf ball on the market now and is quite difficult to choose the right one for your game so can you can shoot your best scores.

We all have different swing speeds and all need help in certain areas; distance control, spin control, what type of feel we like off the clubface.

Most people just want the golf ball that goes the furthest, but it’s important to choose a ball that can help you in all areas of your game if you want to bring your handicap down.

To find out more about ball fitting, visit this page on the Titleist website by clicking here  and also find out more about how the Titleist make their golf balls by watching the video below.

If you need help in selecting the right golf ball for your game then please feel to contact me here and I will be happy to sit down with you and help you chose the right ball to help improve your game and get your scores down this summer!