Great Golf Apps: Number 1

Here is the first in a series of posts about great Apps for your iPhone, iPad or Android device that will benefit your golf game and knowledge.

The first is Golf Plan Pro.

Golfer Paul Azinger has developed a practice plan that can be tailored specifically to your game, with more than 80 drill-based instructional videos.

Using data from thousands of users allows the app to identify tendencies in various handicap ranges. The app will then create a practice plan based on your weaknesses — a three-day plan, a six-day plan, a 12-day plan — with drills for your handicap level.

Twenty-six PGA Tour veterans join Azinger in the uncomplicated video lessons for any handicap level, which can be performed on the driving range, golf course and at home.

Golf Plan also includes 30-40 drills that can be used in your home or office, with or without a golf club.

Of course it’s not the same as having a private lesson, but it will certainly help you practise those drills and hone your game, so well worth the 70p investment!

Search for Golf Plan Pro on iTunes or Android Market, or visit to download.


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