Tiger and Sergio Row Needs To Move On

Last week at Wentworth saw a lot of controversy when Sergio Garcia said some comments about Tiger Woods that were taken the wrong way ahead of the BMW PGA Championship.

When Garcia was asked if he would invite Tiger around for dinner he replied “He can come around every night for some fried chicken if he wants”

Although Garcia hasn’t apologised to Woods face-to -face yet Tiger is keen to move on now even though he is still upset about what was said.

Garcia obviously isn’t a racist, but when you’re under the spotlight you have to be careful about what you say as the press are very quick to jump on any error you make. He just said the first thing that came into his head. If he had said’ Hot dog and chips’ then the press would have still found a way to make it into a story.

For the good of the game this needs to be resolved so we can all MOVE ON!!!


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