Putting Lessons In West London

It’s been a long day of coaching and most of it out on the putting green today. The practice putting area here at Dukes Meadows  is in great condition at the moment and it’s great to get the chance to take lessons on to the green and help them improve their  putting technique.

A lot of people ignore how important putting is in the game of golf, I see lots of golfers hitting balls on the range for hours with their video cameras and looking at their swing in the mirror, which is fine, but they then leave the golf range and walk straight past the putting green into the car park. These golfers aren’t single figure handicappers I can tell you.

If you’re a decent enough golfer and can get the ball around the course and feel like you should be scoring better than you are, it’s more than likely down to your putting. You need to get those 6 three putts a round down to 1 three putt, and need to be holing 4 out of 6 four foot putts to really see your scores improving!

If you want to book a putting lesson or want to enquire about taking golf lessons please contact me here.

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