Decision Finally Made On The Anchoring Of Putters

Today the R&A and USGA have finally announced that anchored putters will be banned as of 2016. 

It has been an ongoing debate which nearly saw a split between the European Tour and PGA Tour, but hopefully this should be the end of all that debacle now.

This rule is going to effect a lot of players on both tours, especially the ones that have grown up using the long putters from day one, but they will have to adapt. The rule should have come into effect along time ago in my opinion, but at least they have finally seen the light and come to right decision and everyone can now move on and get on with playing golf rather than talking about the rules of golf.

Golf is about nerve and playing well under pressure and come 2016 I think we will see a lot of players that are in the top 20 in the world drop down the rankings quite quickly.

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