Golf Lesson Vouchers For Christmas

Christmas is coming and I bet you’re thinking about shopping and what presents to get your loved ones? Let’s face it most of the presents we bought for people last year are still in their wrappers on top of the wardrobe somewhere and will never get opened or used!

For this reason I normally buy my family presents that involve them actually getting out of the house and doing things like those ‘Red Letter Day Experiences’. This normally involves them doing something they wouldn’t normally do and a lot of the time leads them into starting a new hobby that they will do for the rest of their life.

That’s why golf is such a great game to learn, because n0 matter what age you or your friends or family are, you are able to pick up a golf club and play golf. YOU CAN START AT ANY AGE.  It’s not physically demanding,  I teach people up to the age of 75! Golf is a game that once you’ve started stays with you for the rest of your life, from playing it, to watching the great golf events on television.

So don’t deny your loved ones the chance of starting a game they may not have thought of trying. I can send gift vouchers any time up to the 22nd Dec if you want to give someone a golf lesson as a gift. You can spend as little as £23 for a 30 minute golf lesson or up to £120 for six half hour golf lessons which is an £18 saving!

If your are interested in purchasing a golf lesson voucher or would like more information then please contact me by email here or phone me on 07879 652367 and will be happy to answer any questions and get your voucher out to you straight away so your presents are sorted!


Christmas Golf Vouchers


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