Buying your first golf club

A golf club is the first thing you need when you want to start playing golf. But you can’t just go into the shops and ask for a golf club; you will have to consider certain criteria. The main myth or untruth that people follow is that, the costlier the golf club, the better  it is for your game. Only after your game has improved should one consider getting a custom made golf club. 
I would recommend that ladies go for graphite shafts and men go for steel shafts, unless you are  a senior, then I would recommend graphite as well. Shaft flex is also an important aspect that should be considered. This has an important effect on the feel of the club. Also shallow face metalwoods are good for the game and will help in improving it. For beginners; they should remove the 2, 3 and 4 irons from the set and include number 3 and 5 hybrids.

Always find out the standard length using wrist to floor measurement. Choose the correct loft for the golf club since it will have an effect on the distance off the tee. For example: the people who swing with less speed (ladies, seniors and some regular flex players) need higher lofted driving clubs.  Ask your local golf professional for advice before buying you first set of clubs.

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