Seve Ballesteros: A Sad Loss

One major story has dominated not just the golf world across the weekend, but the whole world – the sad loss of Seve Ballesteros at the age of just 54.

Seve was certainly a hero of mine, but to be honest he was a hero to virtually anyone who has ever played the game, and fully deserving of ‘legend’ status.

Seve was responsible for popularising golf in the seventies and onwards and it’s largely thanks to the way he played the game that golf today is as popular as it is – an amazing achievement by any standards.

There are some fabulous tributes to the great man here on the BBC website. The official PGA website also offers a comprehensive memorial page – take a look at it here.

Seve’s presence in the game will be sorely missed, but his legend will live on forever, thanks to moments of genius like this:


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