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The Golfing Season Is Never Over

The golfing season is coming to end but that doesn’t mean that mean that you have to stop practising!

Here at Dukes Meadows we have some wonderful facilities for you to use during the winter months, we have dedicated short game area for you to hone your skills on. We have  an academy course for complete beginners to use to get ready to out on the main course and we of course have the driving range for you to come and use until 10pm in the evening for those of you that have normal jobs!

So no excuses to be putting the clubs away over the winter, this is your chance to be getting ready for next season and get your handicap down even further.

If you have a particular part of your game that you want to work on then why not book a golf lesson with myself and get your game fixed!

You can contact me directly here

Winter Practice Makes Perfect

The perfect time to start practising is right about now. It’s really difficult to get out on the golf course at the moment and to be honest isn’t always beneficial to your game as you can disheartened. The ball doesn’t travel as far and the greens aren’t as smooth as they could be which can also lead to frustration.

Putting all of this together will inevitably lead to higher scores and knock your confidence a bit.

So the best thing to do at this time of year  would to get on the driving range and try and put some purpose into your practice. Leave the driver in the bag for now and just work on your mid to short irons and really focus on getting your distance control right.

Make sure you know how far you’re hitting every club so when it comes to March/ April you can go out on the course and attack those pins with more confidence.

You will obviously start to hit the ball a bit further when the weather warms up and will have to make small adjustments to the practice that you are doing now, but you find that easy to do. More than likely you will just have to hit one club less than you were in the winter.

So make sure you get down that range and work out your yardages!