Golf Lessons Are A Great Present

A golf lesson can be a great gift to give someone as a birthday present, Christmas present, Mothers Day/Fathers Day present or just a gift for someone who you want to say thanks to.

Golf is a game that many people watch and enjoy on television but many do not end up trying it out for themselves because they don’t think they will fit into the golf surroundings. 

People seem to perceive golf as a snobby and expensive sport, which  years ago you could argue that it was but this isn’t the case any more, golf is a game for everyone to enjoy.

I teach golf to people from all walks of life, and all get a great sense of enjoyment out of learning something new and meeting new people in the process which inevitably leads to long lasting friendships and great camaraderie.

I was sitting down with a group of people that I teach the other night, we had a lawyer, builder, IT consultant, business owner, author, plumber and someone who was unemployed,  all sitting around after a game around the par 3 course. We may not all have a lot in common, but we certainly had one thing in common…….and that is golf.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting a present for someone or you just want to start a up a new hobby or even just meet some new people for a drink ,then contact me here and I can give you all the information that you need.



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