The Italian Stallion Back To Claim Title

Young Italian Matteo Manassero  is returning to the scene where he won back in 2011 and is looking to find that form again after toning up and losing a lot of weight.

The teenager who has spent over a month in the golfing off-season toning his body and getting himself fit so he can cope with the endurance that professional golf requires in this day and age and returns to Malaysia as fit as he’s ever been.

He always had some puppy fat which a lot of teenagers have but felt that if he was going to compete at the top level week in week out the would have to fitter and stronger.

Manassero has always been a good golfer with the potential to be in the worlds top 10, I just hope that losing too much weight doesn’t effect his swing too much as it has done with players in the past. He has had to make some swing adjustments already so we shall see what happens.

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