Is There Anything That Can Stop Tiger Now?

Tiger Woods is back to where he wants be and where I think he will stay for a very long time now.

After a turbulent couple of years he has put all of his woes behind him and shown everyone what a great champion he is and what great champion he will still be in the future.

Two years ago we all thought that we had seen the last of one of the greatest golfers that has ever lived, his personal life was in tatters, he had dropped to outside the top 50 in the world and he had to publicly apologise for his actions in front of millions of people, something that would have finished many men off. But this guy is made of something that  I think is nearly inhuman.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that he will break Jack Nicklaus’ record, he wants to be the best in world and he has such a strong mind and wants to be the best that I don’t think anyone can stop him now.


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