Winter – Keep Your Clubs Out Of The Garage

It’s that time of year again where a lot of golfers put their golf clubs away in the garage and forget about them until spring next year. But for me personally this is the time of year that the clubs are kept at my golf club or in the boot of my car.

Winter is the perfect time to really hone and perfect your game. You have the chance to really work on specific areas of your game which you thought weren’t quite up to scratch in the summer. One thing that I try and work on in the winter is distance control, making sure I know exactly how far each club is going especially with my wedges. From 100 yards and in is the scoring part of the game of golf, if you can get the ball close to flag from 10- 100 yards, you will always have a chance of either a birdie or par putt to keep the momentum of your round going.

I will be giving some tips towards the end of the week on the best way to practice your wedge shots. Happy practising!

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