New Law Revealed About Long Putter

It has recently been announced the R&A and USGA have proposed rule changes to outlaw the use of anchoring long putters to the body.

The new law won’t take effect until January 1, 2016, to stay in line with the regular four-year cycle for any changes made to the Rules of Golf.

But the final decision is still yet to be made as lots of leading players have complained about the planned action, so the two governing bodies are taking further comments and suggestions throughout the golfing community before they come to a conclusion.

Under the proposal,  the long putters which are used by many top players will still be allowed in the bag but just can’t be anchored to the body.

I do understand why players are angry about the changes as some players have grown up using them and don’t know any better but I don’t agree that any club should be allowed to be anchored to a part of your body. Having the nerve to win a golf tournament shouldn’t be made easier by being able to keep the putter head still by touching your body.

I suspect we will be hearing a lot more about this over the coming weeks and it will be interesting to see how some players have reacted to the news.

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