2012 A Great Year Of Golf Ahead

Hello everyone, hope you all had a great New Year’s celebrations and are looking forward to the year ahead as much as me!

We’ve all got a lot to look forward to this year golf wise, it’s a Ryder Cup year again, can’t believe it was well over a year ago since our boys lifted the cup at Celtic Manor, let’s hope they can do it again in America this September.

We’ve got all the four majors to look forward to as well, which I think could be one of the most exciting years ever for majors as there are so many high quality players around now and it is wide open to all of them. Last year we saw four new major winners, and I think some of them names will repeat the same feat this year.

On a personal note I’m looking forward to getting back to teaching, and getting my lessons to improve even more. I saw some great results with my lessons last year and feel they can all take a massive step this year to becoming really good players and achieve their goals much quicker than they could have ever expected to.

So here’s to 2012, look forward to seeing you all practising and look forward to teaching you all!



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