An Insight Into The Clubs That I Use

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons are one of the best sets of tour blades on the market, and also the clubs that I use. They not only look fabulous – they feel and perform great. But believe me they’re hard to hit if you’re not on you game!

These tour blades are designed with the low handicap golfer and professional in mind. These tour irons offer very little forgiveness compared with game improvement irons. This irons are great if you like to feel how you have hit the golf shot and like to manoevre the ball in different ways as opposed to the club dictating the flight of the golf ball.

Tech Spec/ General Description:-

  • Finely Wrought Muscle Back Blade Expressly Designed for the Purist.
  • Forged muscleback with clean lines, compact player’s shape and minimal offset. Delivers the pure feel, feedback and workability coveted by blade fans.
  • 6-Step net forging process and state of the art shaping produce a more precisely finished head.
  • Advanced groove design promotes more spin and control from the rough.
  • Precision-weighting port guarantees precise swingweights while ensuring optimal CG location in every clubhead.

Golf Shaft & Grip Option

True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel Shaft, Flex – EXtra Stiff, Stiff and Regular.


Club Loft Lie Hand Offset Length Swing
2 Iron 18° 60.0° RH 3.5mm 39.25″ D2.5
3 Iron 21° 60.5° RH 3.3mm 38.75″ D2.5
4 Iron 24° 61.0° RH 3.0mm 38.25″ D2.5
5 Iron 27° 61.5° RH 2.6mm 37.75″ D2.5
6 Iron 31° 62.0° RH 2.2mm 37.25″ D2.5
7 Iron 35° 62.5° RH 2.0mm 36.75″ D2.5
8 Iron 39° 63.0° RH 1.8mm 36.25″ D2.5
9 Iron 43° 63.5° RH 1.6mm 35.75″ D2.5
PW 47° 64.0° RH 1.4mm 35.50″ D3.5

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