Adult Group Golf Tuition Dates Coming Soon For 2012

Group Lessons are a great way for beginners and intermediate players to give golf a try and see how they like it.

Playing with up to five other golfers of a similar standard to yourself, I give six lessons across six weeks, with each lesson focused on a different aspect of the game. It’s cheaper than taking individual lessons and also enables you to build friendships within the sport, ready to play a friendly match against each other when you’re ready to get out onto the course for the first time.

Before that there’s always the opportunity to get to know each other better in the bar, preferably after the lesson though!

Keep an eye out for the forthcoming dates at the start of 2012 soon to be published here on James Irons Golf.

Please click here to contact me for more details about group coaching for 2012 or for any information about learning to play golf.

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