New Golf Equipment From Titleist

Titleist 712 MB and 712 CB Irons

The original MB and CB golf irons from Titleist were part of the company’s 710 series, introduced in 2009. Since then, according to Titleist, those MB irons have been the most-played irons on the golf tour.The 712 Series MB and CB iron sets are updates of those earlier models, and like those earlier models are forged irons aimed at better golf players.A lot of lessons I do come to me with muscleback blades and they can’t hit them because they are not good enough yet, so make sure you get the right iron head for you and even more importantly the right shaft.  Having the right equipment is the most important thing.The biggest difference between the two sets of golf clubs is obvious from the name: The 712 MB irons are traditional muscleback blades; the 712 CB irons have a shallow cavityback. A satin finish is common to both sets to give it the perfect finish.Another difference between the two sets is in the soles. The 712 MB sole has more relief (compared to the 710 MB) in the heel and toe, lessening turf interaction; the 712 CB sole is a little bit wider than the MB. The MB sole, Titleist says, is good for golferswith a shallow angle of attack who take little or no divot; the CB sole is better for golfers who take deeper divots.Both sets have constant blade lengths, but the 712 CB topline is a bit bigger, and the minimal offset is progressive in the MB set but constant in the CB irons.

A Dynamic Gold steel shaft is stock in both sets, as is a Titleist Tour Velvet Rubber by Golf Pride grip. Numerous custom shalf and grip options are available.

The Titleist 712 MB and 712 CB irons reach retail outlets on Nov. 18, 2011.

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