A Beginners Guide To Golf Accessories

So we’ve covered irons, woods, putters and balls – it’s now time to take a look at the various accessories on offer to golfers.

As you look around the average Pro Shop you will see that there is a huge, sometimes confusing array to choose from. There will always be fads that come and ago, but the following are essentials that will be of benefit to you when playing your first rounds of golf.

Most players carry a towel to wipe their clubs – and if you are lucky enough to be using a caddy,  they should do this after every shot for you.

Your towel clips to the side of your bag, and only needs to be small – however you may need a couple when it’s raining to keep your clubs dry.

Head Cover
These are useful for protecting your clubs from knocks, and are mostly used on the woods. You can also buy them for irons which are useful when transporting or storing your clubs, however this can become a major pain if you’re having to constantly take them on and off your irons throughout your game! They come in various shapes and sizes, and one stage or another, everybody owns a novelty head cover, it’s kind of an unwritten rule 🙂

Pitch Fork
This is used to repair pitch marks on the green. A pitch mark occurs when the ball lands heavily on the green and creates a dent. You can use the Pitch Fork (Or Pitch Mark Repairer as they are sometimes referred to) to even these dents out and restore an even playing service to the putting green. A tee can be used instead if you don’t have one.

A marker is used only on the green, and is placed just under your ball in order that you can lift your ball off and clean it, or create room for your opponent to putt without your ball being in the way. Many golf gloves include a small pop-off marker on the wrist, otherwise you can buy plastic markers extremely cheaply, or silver / bronze markers are usually available in pro-shops in various designs. If you’re stuck you can easily use a ten-pence piece, or similar sized coin.

Pencil and scorecard
When you pay for your round in the pro-shop you will be given a scorecard, which usually acts as your proof of purchase and of course enables you to keep track of how many shots you hit on each hole.

It’s a sad fact that, particularly in England on Bank Holidays, it will occasionally rain during your round of golf. I would suggest an umbrella, which in most cases will keep you dry between shots. However if it’s thundering, then an umbrella (along with swinging a golf club) is not a great idea – best to head for the clubhouse on these occasions! You can also carry a set of waterproofs in your bag – these days you can get excellent lightweight waterproofs that fit easily over your existing clothing and are designed especially for golfers.

So there you go – all the accessories you need!

Did I miss anything out? Let me know, or if you have any questions, that’s what I’m hear for!

Have a great weekend 🙂


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