New In My Bag: Taylor Made Tour Preferred MB Forged Irons

I’m delighted to say that I’ve received my new clubs this week – they are the Taylor Made Tour Preferred MB forged irons.

I ordered the 3-iron through to Pitching Wedge, with rifle shafts.

They have a smaller head size than my old Taylor Made 300 series irons – this made it a bit intimidating at first as the golf ball now looks the size of a football next to the club head!

However they have very strong lofts which means that I now hit the ball ‘a club further’, so for example I can now hit a 6-iron as far as I used to hit a 5-iron – a very nice feeling…

Check out the photos below, and visit the Taylor Made website for the full specification – I think you’ll be impressed!

Taylor Made


Taylor Made

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