Good News For Armchair Golfers!

As a golf professional, for me there is nothing like striking a ball with a golf club – preferably out of a golf course, practising on the range – even knocking a ball through a windmill on a crazy golf course, I’m in my element.

However, in terms of video games, golf has come along way. The advent of technology  such as the Nintendo Wii, Sony Move and the amazing Xbox 360 Kinect has created a new dimension in golf gaming.

It’s no longer about clicking a mouse button or using a D-Pad to line up a putt. Now you can perform lifelike swings from the comfort of your own living room, and pit yourselves against players from all over the world while you are at it!

Although of course it’s not the same as real golf, it’s not the worst way of practising by any means, and on this basis I favour the Wii golf games more as you can actually ‘grip’ the controller like a club, and perform accurate swings.

Check out the latest ‘Tiger Woods’ offering from EA Sports – it looks incredible. Please let me know if you’ve played it and what you think of it!

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