LPGA’s Japanese Golfers Helping Raise Money And Hope

Ai Miyazato, Mika Miyazato (no relation) and Momoko Ueda are Japanese natives playing golf this week at the LPGA Kia Classic at the Industry Hills Golf Club in the City of Industry. They have a job to do, playing golf, and so they are trying to keep their attention focused on the course even as they check the Internet constantly for news from home about earthquakes and the tsunami.

Ai Miyazato went to high school near Sendai, the Japanese city hit hardest by the tsunami. Ueda said she was in Tokyo on a freeway. “I literally felt the ground shake,” she said. Mika Miyazato said that as she saw the tragedies unfold she wanted to do something for the country and discussed with Ai  Miyazato and Ueda what they could do.

The three helped design a special logo that is on their golf hats. It is in Japanese and Ai Miyazato said it means “Never give up.” There is also a Facebook page, and the three are asking other players to put the special logo on caps.

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